StormClan Forest
StormClan cats are very loyal and strong-hearted. They would challenge any tresspasser with aggressiveness if needed. They love climbing trees and hunt among them. Their prey consists of voles, mice, squirrels, pigeons, and any other birds they can find.


Leader Thunderstar (Rpd by Ashclaw)


Amberheart ( RP'ed by: Riverpelt)

Medicine Cat

Songdapple - Cream-and-totoiseshell she-cat with big, bright blue eyes.


Riverpelt ('RP'ed by: Riverpelt)

Brokenleap - Dark brown tabby tom with a twisted paw and amber-brown eyes.



Hopewish - Pale gray tabby she-cat with darker and lighter spots and pale blue eyes. Mother of Brokenleap's kits.

Hopewish's kits:
Hawkkit - Very dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Frecklekit - Pale brown tabby she-cat with darker and lighter spots and green eyes.

Kestrelkit - Mottled gray-brown tom with white spots and bright green eyes.

Ebonykit - Pure black she-cat with dark blue eyes.

Elders none at present.


(This is where StormClan cats are roleplayed)

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