FernClan is a Clan of gentle and peace-loving cats. Welcome to our camp!

Owned ByEdit

This Clan is owned by Shinystar. Please leave your info on the talk page to join. Shinystar: Hong Kong, my home, the Eastern Pearl! 11:02, February 23, 2011 (UTC)


Graystar: Wise, pale gray tom with amber eyes and a bushy tail. (Shinystar)


Cloudfoot: Pure white tom with orange eyes. (Shinystar)

Medicine CatEdit

Mudpelt: Dark brown tom with blue eyes. (Shinystar)


Dustpaw: Light brown tabby tom with green eyes. (Shinystar)


Rainfur: Handsome, blue-gray tom with blue eyes and a bushy tail. (Shinystar)

Apprentice: Dawnpaw

Nightflower: Beautiful, black she-cat with green eyes and long fur. (Shinystar)



Dawnpaw: Pale gray she-cat with amber eyes. (Shinystar)

Ashpaw: Gray and white tom with blue eyes. (Shinystar)


None Currently.


Sorrelpelt: Tortoishell and white she-cat with amber eyes. (Shinystar)

Lightstep: Light brown and white tom with blue eyes. (Shinystar)

RPG CentreEdit

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