BreezeClan is a small Clan, located on the moors. The cats who live here are lean and thin, they don't bother
much with the other Clans, but a few of their cats helped to assassinate the old EagleClan leader, Flightstar, after he tried to take all five Clans under his command.

Leader: Mossstar - Tortoiseshell long-haired she-cat with amber eyes and white spots.


Medicine Cat: Feathercloud- Skinny white tom, with black patches and dark green eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice:



Queens: Heatherclaw -Light brown tabby she-cat, with heather-violet eyes.


Kits: Lionkit-Golden brown tom with amber eyes Mother: Heatherclaw

Icekit- Pretty snow-white she-cat with cold, icy, dark blue eyes. Mother: Heatherclaw


(This is where Breezeclan cats are roleplayed)

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